Nail Laser Your
Toes Back into
The Social Circle

Trust NOVEON® Nail Laser to give you the confidence to reveal your toes

Fungal nail infection is an extremely embarrassing infectious disease. Nobody wants to suffer the anxiety of infecting friends or family. We understand how nervous you feel about revealing your infected and unsightly toes. 

Well thanks to NOVEON® Nail Laser from Selex Medical you no longer need to!

Improve your self-esteem by getting the infection free and beautiful toes you’ve always wanted. Just like the thousands of other people we’ve successfully Nail lasered. If you’ve tried other remedies which haven’t worked in the past you’ll be simply amazed at this new photobiological therapy. It’s scientifically proven, has no damaging side effects and is underwritten by seven years of clinical studies. Please contact your local podiatrist for pricing.

Fungal nail infection can lower self-esteem and if left untreated, will cause further infection and severe embarrassment. The great news is, as from today, you don’t need to live with infection nor keep your toes covered up.

No more embarrassment. No risk of infecting others. And the earlier you’re treated, the better the outcome.

Healthy Toes Are Happy Toes

“There is no other nail laser technology that is even a close second”

Dr Eric Bornstein