A safe pathway to healthy toes

Thousands of patients have already benefited from NOVEON Nail lasering. To prevent the fungal nail infection from developing into something more serious and unsightly, it must be identified and treated as soon as it is suspected.

As you may expect from one of the world’s most highly developed laser systems, success rates of 95% have been achieved across the full spectrum of fungal nail infections.

The Journey

  • Initial consultation & pre Nail Lasering treatment 10 to 14 days prior to first session
    • Pre-Nail Lasering treatment
    • Questions and answers
    • Assessment to determine the number of treatments required, which is subject to the severity of infection & number of toes infected
  • Photographs of nails – pre and post treatment
  • Nail Lasering plan consists of three or four, 16 minute treatments
    • Day 1, Day 14, Day 60 and Day 120
  • Agree post Nail lasering care programme

Severe Before / After

Moderate Before / After

Mild Before / After